Warha Europe vol.2 release

Warha Europe vol.2 release

Warha Europe vol.2 release - Warha Europe vol.2 release
Foreword to the 2nd issue

We are glad to welcome the readers of our almanac.

The “Warha” almanac has been published in Russia since 2015 and the latest issues are published once a year, summing up all the best texts about pagan traditionalism, as well as presenting fresh translations, interviews and original texts to the public. This fall will be the sixth issue.

The first English-language issue of the “Warha” almanac was released in 2017 and it was a trial attempt. And now, two years later, we are ripe for the second volume in English. This issue comes out in a difficult time of general fragmentation, fake-news and shameless propaganda from all sides. We conceived our almanac as a kind of bridge or a space of acquaintance, dialogue and exchange of opinions and skills between Russian-speaking pagans and traditionalists on the one hand, and Europeans and Americans on the other.

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We are different, the traditions of our peoples and in our lands sometimes differ very much. And there is nothing wrong with that. Nevertheless, we are all pagans, which means that we have something in common in the depths of our philosophy and mystical experience. And historically we have faced with similar threats, for example, with globalization and its iron pace of regional identity destruction. First globalization by the name of the Cross, then by the name of Technology, Market and Media. Therefore it seems to us that any platforms where are an opportunity to look at other pagans and see the general, see the grounds for dialogue, are already make sense.

In the Russian version we have published many translations of European and American authors. In the second edition of the English-language collection, which is much richer than the first, we collected a lot of materials from Russian authors, attracted the participation of our European friends and like-minded people from North America too.

Both versions of the almanac are volunteer non-profit projects from the very beginning. From year to year we invest money in it not really worrying about profit. Ideas for us at the first place. Therefore anyone can download this issue and share it with co-religionists. Or you can print any number of copies of this almanac by yourself and distribute it, if you are a publisher.

Unfortunately, such altruism has some inevitable downsides. So, we are forced to present you the texts in the author’s edition such as they were provided by volunteers-translators. Therefore, we invite in our team of enthusiasts an interested proofreader for future editions.

Finally, we would like to separately thank all the authors and organizations who responded to our appeal from Russia, Europe and the USA. Together we have a good collection of articles. If we can repeat it this year, the English version of our almanac will also become annual. And we also invite new authors to participate. All our contacts are listed at the end of the volume.

Enjoy reading.

Askr Svarte

Under the cover: Askr Svarte, Collin Cleary, Vlassis G. Rassias, Paolo Casolari and Mario Basile, Parsifal, Richard Rudgley, Alexander Dugin, Anton Platov, Veleslav Cherkasov, Shua (Natalya Nickolskaya), Maxim Ionov, Valentin Dolhochub, Cheslav Vyatich, Lihoslav and Shizhenskiy Roman.

Countries: America, Canada, Russia, Italy, Greece, Spain, Ukraine.

If you an author and ready to join to the project – write us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | deadline for the texts to the next issue is the February of 2020.

If you a publisher or a person who want to print and share the issue by yourself and for yown profit, also write us to order the printable layots.

We accept donations for the development of the project via PayPal transfers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.