Our goals and objectives

The main goals of our organization:

• uniting the majority of Slavs who profess the Slavic ancient belief, as the whole Union of Slavic Communities International;
• state recognition of our pagan religion as independent and equal in rights alongside with other religions in Russia;


The Cognition. Studying native traditions and the awakening of ancestral memory.

  1. Following and spreading the Slavic native belief; the reviving of its traditional nature among Slavs;
  2.  Religious education development aimed at pagan priests training;
  3. Practice of rituals, ceremonies and rites according to ancient traditions;
  4. The construction of religious buildings and temples;
  5. Supervision and safekeeping of Slavic natural and handmade ancient shrines;
  6. Getting different scientific researchers (historians, archaeologists, cultural studies and religious studies experts, State Archives employees, etc.) involved in works on historical sources about Slavic traditions and belief;
  7. Publication and distribution of books about Slavic traditions;
  8. Publication and distribution of our nationwide magazine “Rodnoverie”;
  9. Ethnographic expeditions;
  10. Online store development; cooperation with mass media and running our own media sources;
  11. Commercials and souvenirs production.

The Unity. Slavonic communities association in the Union;

  1. Constant optimization of the Union’s regulations;
  2. Reforming of the organization to unite particular communities on purpose to achieve the objectives;
  3. The internal cooperation and self-dependent support of each community;
  4. Giving the Union communities financial, legal or other means of assistance;
  5. Promoting any actions for creating new communities;
  6. Common work and cooperation with different organizations Slavic paganism related;
  7. Cooperation with foreign communities and any other pagan related organizations in the world;
  8. Self-financing management;
  9. Commercial relations development between inner communities and other organizations;
  10. Giving communities methodic assistance for their religious life and ritual practices within the communities;

The Recognition. State registration of the Union as a religious organization;

  1. Creation of pagan doctrine and other foundations of the Slavic ancient faith;
  2. Creation of a general "Book of Sacrifices of the Union";
  3. Formation of the new Regulations of the Union after state registration is carried out;
  4. Creating a legal framework to help communities in state registration issues;

The Enlightenment. Preservation and spreading of the Slavonic ancestral traditions, spiritual and moral improvement of Slavic nations and the increasing of the national identity;

  1. Promotion of a healthy lifestyle and the Slavic native belief; formation of a respectful and caring attitude for nature;
  2. Charity and publishing engagement;
  3. Organizing of conferences and lectures, congresses and public events; either organizing different folk concerts and educational film screening;
  4. Positive image making of the Union in public relations through charitable actions and open ritual practice within the Russian laws;
  5. Online working in blogs and networks with the purpose to gain public relations;
  6. Supporting various folk groups and festivals;
  7. Supporting various national craftsmen and folk arts;
  8. Supporting traditional Slavic martial arts;