Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

I see

One Rod I see
Who made the Universe,
Yriy* heavenly and home of ours
Who gave us the freedom and the knowledge
In triune world faces He embodied himself
In holy Svarga** he resides,
Who breathed souls into people.
In life circle He stands and locks
And the Gods' will makes the rebirth
It rules everywhere invisibly.
The Eternity I see
There I was, I am and I will.

* - world of Gods and heroes
** - concept term of the world outside and Universe

Kershaw Kris. The One-eyed God Odin and the (Indo-) Germanic Männerbünde
A Complete History of the Druids
An Introduction to English Runes
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About us and our faith

Rodnoverie – it’s not just a believe in usual sense of the word. It’s kind of life and mind, it’s a special world view.

Age-old precepts of our parents, our grandpas’ tales and grandmas' songs, national custom passing down from fathers to sons – here is the ground where our native faith stand on. Hitherto it keep on standing while we don’t forget our bloodline, that we are Slavs. And if we do forget, if we shall betray our own language polluting it with alien words, if we deprive us of fortune to speak to Mother-Nature, if we won’t observe our ancestors precepts and won’t pass it by inheritance so Russian nation will interrupt and others folks shall come who do remember and honor their custom.

Well made root deep in the ground can grow healthful and strong tree. This tree’s roots are our Gods and Ancestors, the trunk is a tradition, native faith or otherwise it's a bridge connecting glorious ancestors and descendants selves mindful. This tree’s branches are glorious folks from fathers to sons renewed and who stretch to the sun. While this tree is strong, while its roots hold the ground so its crown is wide and fertile though it’s made of small leaves. And these leaves are people, we and you are.

That’s why we have to take care to preserve the heritage of our ancestors for the glory of Russian land.